Hiring A RealtorWARNING: Most people make the massive mistake of assuming that choosing a Realtor for your next move is EASY!

Did You Ever Consider What Would Happen If …

  • You end up trapped in a contract with a Realtor who disappoints you with terrible service?
  • You find a friendly Realtor but didn’t realize until it’s too late that they lack critical negotiating skills?e.g. What if they end up leaving money on the table that a better Realtor could have negotiated into your pocket?
  • You choose a Realtor who is popular due to market, but might be careless when it comes to contracts & paperwork, and they make a huge mistake that exposes you to risk, financial loss, and excessive stress?

FACT: Did You Know Most People Spend More Time
Choosing Their Next Family Vacation Than Choosing Their Realtor
To Help Them Sell or Buy Their Single Largest Asset Worth
Hundreds Of Thousands of Dollars (If Not Millions)?

This Book “Choose Your Realtor® CAREFULLY

  • Includes 8 Critical Errors To Avoid When You Hire Your Next Realtor
  • Ensures That You Make The Next Sale and/or Purchase Of Your Home SAFE, EXCITING, STRESS FREE, & PROFITABLE!


Whether you’ve only bought or sold one home or many, Choose Your Realtor® CAREFULLY is a one-of-a-kind “tell-all” book that opens your eyes to what the public doesn’t know, but needs and deserves to know before making your final decision when choosing your next REALTOR® from the vast selection of REALTORS® vying for your business.

BONUS ONE: 18 Strategic Interview Questions To Ensure  You Hire The Highest Skilled and Best Service Oriented Realtor, So You Avoid Stress and Losing Money

Hiring an individual to help you sell or buy your single largest asset is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Have YouEver Heard Horror Stories About Realtors Leaving Clients
Feeling Mad And Frustrated? 

Don’t Make The Mistake Choosing The WRONG REALTOR
To Sell Your Most Valuable Asset!

Just because an agent has FOR SALE signs in your area doesn’t mean
they are the best choice for YOU!

Just because an agent sold your friend’s neighbour’s home doesn’t mean
they will give you great service!

Just because an agent is a relative or friend doesn’t mean they have the specialized skills, experience, and training, to keep the most profit in your pocket!

CAUTION: The difference between hiring an unskilled agent, an average quality agent, or a Superstar agent could mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket.

BONUS TWO: You’ll Learn Many Insider Secrets the public Is NOT Of but NEED To Know … before you make a final decision on which REALTOR® you hire.


“Choose Your Realtor® CAREFULLY” is NOT about how to buy/sell real estate on your own! This Best Seller, “Choose Your Realtor® CAREFULLY” by Michael Shuster

  • Highlights many common public misperceptions,
  • Protects you from making costly mistakes, and
  • Empowers you to make smart decisions that are guaranteed to help you AVOID the likely negative experiences of hiring a REALTOR® who is the wrong fit for you.

*Learn why some Realtors® fail to deliver the value and  great experience that ALL clients expect.

* Learn why some Realtors® “horror stories” exist and how you can avoid them!

* Learn why some Realtors® have far superior skills than others, and how you can find and hire the BEST!

BONUS THREE: Immediate action plans and checklists to ensure you select the best REALTOR® for YOU, and your next move is smooth, stress-free, safe, and profitable.


“Choose Your Realtor® CAREFULLY” is a detailed and concise source of extremely valuable (rarely considered) information) that the public majority is simply unaware of, and more importantly has a right to know.

  • Are You Thinking Of Moving  This Year?
  • Do You Know Someone Else Who Is?
  • Don’t Wait … “Choose Your Realtor® CAREFULLY” is a MUST READ … BEFORE You Make Any Decisions On Which REALTOR TO HIRE!

With so many licensed Realtors to choose from how do you possibly find, and interview, and hire a the Best Realtor possible,  who will be the best fit for you personally – someone who will provide you with the service, experience, and overall results you expect?

BONUS FOUR: “Choose Your Realtor® CAREFULLY” provides ready-to-use methods, tips and strategies for you to use, the next time you need to choose a Realtor®.

To ensure you find a Realtor® who will provide you with the serviceresults and overall experience you deserve and expect!

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