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Choose Your Realtor CarefullyAs the owner of a mortgage firm, I derive much of my business from Realtors®. When we fund a deal, my agents always follow up with clients after closing day to ensure they are happy. Clients often tell us about their experience with their Realtor®. While most clients say similar things, I am continually impressed with the unique feedback from Michael’s clients, as they always refer to his personalized service, superior knowledge of the industry, and without fail, his integrity.

He has an ability to make each and every client feel as if he or she is his number one client and special. I tip my hat to Michael for writing this book as it provides the public with knowledge they need to know to make the best decision when hiring a Realtor®. Choose Your REALTOR® CAREFULLY discloses inside-industry secrets never before revealed; and attests to Michael’s passion to serve the public with the utmost integrity, ensuring that the unique needs and goals of all clients are met and their rights are protected. It is true when they say “we don’t know what we don’t know,” and Michael raises critical points throughout this book that most people would never think to consider or ask their Realtor®. Well done, Michael, and thank you for being the first to share this information with the public.

Jeff Greenberg, AMP Dominion Lending Centres Dependable Advisors www.dependableadvisors.ca

Choose Your Realtor CarefullyMichael Shuster has proven himself to be a competent real estate strategist who offers many years of experience and success, combined with the highest degree of integrity. Whether you are buying, selling, or investing in real estate, you will undoubtedly benefit from Michael’s unique skills and experience. 

Michael’s unique approach includes developing a custom strategy for each and every client that is based on his or her personal priorities, expectations, goals, and circumstances. Choose Your REALTOR® CAREFULLY illustrates Michael’s thorough understanding of the real estate industry by high- lighting many key factors that will ensure you avoid making a bad decision that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Dr. George Grant, PhD, IMD, MEd, MSc, C Chem, R.M. Bestselling author of 10 Books www.academyofwellness.com

Choose Your Realtor CarefullyIt is true what they say—you don’t know what you don’t know! I’ve bought and sold several houses, yet after reading each chapter of this book, I found myself saying: “Wow, I didn’t know that.” Choose Your REALTOR® CAREFULLY clarifies many common public misperceptions and will help every- one who reads it avoid unnecessary headaches and costly mistakes! The result will be the best possible experience with a Realtor®—in terms of profit and peace of mind.

Tony DeMartines Director,
WOW 1 DAY Painting
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Choose Your Realtor CarefullyThey say “Knowledge is Power.” One of the many things that sets Michael Shuster apart from other Realtors® is his extreme professionalism and genuine dedication to empowering his clients with knowledge. His extensive experience in all areas of real estate buying, selling, and investing provides proven real-life models for success. Michael shares countless hours of his time educating the public through his seminars, live presentations, private consultations, and through his writing. When I started reading Choose Your REALTOR® CAREFULLY, I couldn’t put it down! It is just the tip of the iceberg and only a fraction of all that Michael has to offer.

Lori Pedersen CSP
Home Staging + Styling

Choose Your Realtor CarefullyI really like the fact that throughout your book you get right to the point. Choose Your REALTOR® CAREFULLY is very objective in terms of looking at real estate from both a Realtor’s® and a client’s perspective. The bonuses included are a tremendous value because they leave readers with important points to consider before hiring their next Realtor®. They also provide easy-to-implement solutions to help readers make the best decisions possible.

Mark J. Moskowitz

Choose Your Realtor CarefullyMike has proven himself to be an intelligent and street-smart real estate expert who is clearly very passionate about his clients. This book is yet another of the many ways Mike strives to ensure ultimate value, not just for his clients, but the entire general public. The valuable advice and suggestions outlined in Choose Your REALTOR® CAREFULLY are applicable virtually anywhere in the world, to anybody who is thinking of buying or selling a home, or investing in real estate. I know I can always count on Mike to be candid, fully trans- parent, and genuinely honest in his advice and guidance when it comes to helping my wife and me (or anybody we refer to Mike) to buy, sell, or invest in real estate.

Babar Chaudhry, CMA, CFA, MBA
Practice Partner, LIONRICH, Tax & Finance Services

Choose Your Realtor CarefullyAs a real estate expert, Michael is not only highly skilled and qualified, but I’ve never met a Realtor® who cares as much as he does. As the author of Mrs. Fraud and You, I devote much of my life to identifying who has high integrity, high morals and ethics, and who walks the walk. While many Realtors® will say or do whatever is necessary to make a commission, Michael continues to wow me with his integrity, compassion, and genuine desire to make people’s lives better. He is always proactive and thinking out of the box to source solutions to help everyone around him. Michael not only wrote this book to help the unsuspecting public avoid costly mistakes, but also generously donates his time to speak at many public events to educate people on how to build wealth, avoid debt, and avoid dealing with fraudulent people in business and life. Choose Your REALTOR® CAREFULLY is a must for everyone to read. You will truly be educated, intrigued, and inspired!

Dianne Ojar-Ali Author,
Mrs. Fraud And You

Choose Your Realtor CarefullyThis book reads beautifully. Short clear sentences, in an honest voice that is very informative! Michael’s vast experience offers readers truly invaluable information that everyone can benefit from.

Choose Your REALTOR® CAREFULLY is definitely not a one- time read! It is a fantastic and thorough reference guide that 99 percent of our society would benefit from reading more than once. I would most certainly recommend this book to everyone I know!

Linda Googh,
RCRT Reflexology Therapist/Teacher/Examiner/RAC Wellness Speaker/Author

Choose Your Realtor CarefullyAs a real estate expert, Michael Shuster is not only highly skilled and qualified, but genuinely cares about the individual needs of every client. As the artistic producer and founder of Shadowpath (a theatre production company), I know artists often struggle to become homeowners and/or investors. This book is a tremendous resource for anybody thinking about buying, selling, or investing in real estate. Choose Your REALTOR® CAREFULLY is an easy and very informative read. This book has caused me to consider many important questions.

Alex Karolyi
Artistic Producer and Founder Shadowpath Theatre Productions www.shadowpaththeatre.ca

Choose Your Realtor CarefullyTo say I wish I had read Choose Your REALTOR® CAREFULLY before I purchased my first home is an understatement. Not only would I have felt more confident and educated about the process, but I could have avoided the horrific experience I endured with my prior agent. The real estate agent I chose to hire not only seemed lazy, but ultimately proved herself incompetent in helping me find the type of house with the criteria I was looking for. She abandoned me when I needed her most. Since meeting Micheal Shuster, I have a new positive outlook on real estate agents and I look forward to working with him to find my next home.

Julie Angle Production Manager,
Every Angle Inc.   www.everyangle.ca

Choose Your Realtor CarefullyAs a licensed REALTOR®, I endorse everything Michael has written in this book. As a REALTOR® who continually strives to be a leader in this industry, I continually engage in all of the initiatives Michael writes about. I wholeheartedly agree that the skills Michael highlights in the book are necessary to enable me (and any other REALTOR®) to provide the best service, value, and results to clients.

Bravo, Michael, for writing this book. There are so many valuable topics clarified in this book which every homeowner NEEDS to know before they hire their next REALTOR®. The information Michael offers is not available anywhere else in a single source for easy client reference. Thank you, Michael, for educating the public and other REALTORS®!

Nuryt Gioulos:  Real Estate Sales Representative

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